The Supervision module is an add-on to the platform and is designed as a full supervision and monitoring solution for companies with regulatory compliance obligations. Supervision enables proactive, automated message monitoring and review. Dashboards track team-based review, queues enable reviewers to quickly see their daily set of messages, track progress, and escalate messages that require further scrutiny.

Activating Supervision Module

To activate the Supervision module:

  1. Click Settings > Company Dashboard.
  2. From the Add-on Modules section, hover over Supervision and click Upgrade.
  3. Follow the prompts.


If your organization is already subscribed to Supervision, the Supervision Settings page will load.

To create a Queue in Supervision, see:

Once the queues are created, you can enable or disable the Specific messages removed from a single queue remain in other queues check box as per your requirement to remove or keep messages from a Queue accordingly.

Supervisors can generate several reports specific to the module, including a Review Summary report that provides visibility into your reviewers' progress. For more information, see Supervision Reports.